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Chris Cooper – Gay Online Life Coach and Career Coach

I’m a gay life coach and career coach working online with clients worldwide to help them feel happier and achieve their goals.

The people I choose to work with may be of any gender or sexual orientation. However, as a gay man, a significant proportion of my clients are people from LGBT+ communities.

It’s really satisfying for me to coach other gay men, lesbians, bi and trans people to achieve their life and career goals. Ultimately, this work is about helping you reach your own personal potential. Becoming the person you want to be – with a career you love and feel passionate about.

As your coach, I will help you become more focused and self-aware and set the right goals to get you to where you want to be.

Gay Life Coach and Career Coach for the LGBT+ Community

As humans we have many more similarities than differences. However, the challenges experienced by gay men, lesbians, bi and trans people vary compared to non-LGBT+ people. This means my clients often feel more comfortable working with a gay life coach.

Here are just some of the areas that I help my coaching clients achieve success with:

  • Identifying your life purpose – what you really want to do with your life and then creating the steps to make it happen.
  • Working out what to do next in your career and putting in place a strategy to achieve it. This includes setting up and growing your own business.
  • Overcoming lack of confidence, low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, social anxiety and other issues holding you back from the things you want to do.
  • Beating imposter syndrome, procrastination, lack of motivation, burn out and other work-related stress.
  • Rewiring unhealthy behaviour patterns that negatively impact on your wellbeing. Such as reliance on drugs or alcohol as a stress response.
  • Improving your wellbeing, such as becoming more active, eating better and incorporating other daily practices to enhance your physical and mental health.
  • Coming out positively and living authentically as the person you are.
  • Resolving relationship problems and building closer bonds with friends and family.
  • Becoming more resourceful and resilient with dating and finding a new relationship.

You may be at a point where you feel happy with parts of your life, while at the same time, feeling that ‘something is missing.’ As your own personal life coach, I will help you uncover what this is and then support you in your personal development towards feeling happier and more fulfilled.

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Online Life and Career Coaching

I provide coaching sessions online by voice call or video call from my base in Manchester, England. This means I work with clients all around the world. So, whether you live in the UK or the USA, Asia or Australia, London or Los Angeles, I can help.

Online coaching enables you to work with the right coach for you, regardless of where you live. This means you can be coached when and wherever you feel most comfortable. For example, at home, your office or while you’re away. Whatever is best for you.

Following an initial consultation, I will design a coaching package based on the outcomes you want to achieve, starting from six sessions. In addition, more immersive packages providing greater access and levels of support are also available. I will help you decide what’s right for you.

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What My Clients Say

Here are just some of the many kind recommendations I have received from my coaching clients.

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“I feel a lot more confident in myself and my abilities. My approach to career progression has changed”

I found the sessions I had with Chris extremely useful at a time in my life where there was a lot of uncertainty and upheaval. After being made redundant and wanting to make significant changes to the direction of my career, Chris really helped me to identify and focus on individual tasks that would ultimately help to land me a job in the field I wanted and also to make changes I felt I needed in my personal life.

Over the sessions, we worked on identifying my long term goals and then individual goals along the way that would lead me to a place of personal stability.

As a result of the sessions with Chris, I feel a lot more confident in myself and my abilities. My approach to career progression has changed where I now identify the goal first and then think about what steps I need to make to get there. I’ve already made steps up the “ladder” in my new role because of this.

Chris was an absolute pleasure to work with and has definitely made me see the value in coaching sessions. I will be looking into more sessions in the future.

Phil Adams

Systems Support Manager

“If you feel at a crossroads, I absolutely urge you to give Chris’ coaching a go”

I cannot recommend Chris enough! Over the past 6 weeks I have been seeing Chris for life coaching, after a lot of challenges and change in my life. He was so insightful and dynamic in his approach, and tailored things specifically for me.

I cannot begin to describe what a humongous change this has created, both in the way I think and the actions I do. In our first session I had to score how content I was with different areas of life, some only scoring 2/10… But now after just 6 short weeks, we went through rescoring, but with now some achieving 9.5/10s!

Whether it’s life coaching or career coaching you’re after, if you feel at a crossroads, I absolutely urge you to give Chris’ coaching a go.

Edwin Buckley

Senior Producer

“Throughout my work with Chris, I had many “light bulb” moments of self discovery”

I decided to look for a life coach because I wanted to do some personal work on myself before I began medical school.

Finding an LGBT friendly life coach was very important to me. In the beginning, Chris and I outlined areas where I would like to focus on the most, including self acceptance, positive habit formation, and setting boundaries.

Throughout my work with Chris, I had many “light bulb” moments of self discovery that led to a better sense of self. What’s even greater is how my positive self identity altered the actions I took and my interactions with others. I wholeheartedly recommend Chris Cooper as a life coach. Regardless of what stage of life you are on and what goals you have, Chris will create a personalized plan with action steps to help you grow into a better you.

Waleed Rachid

Medical Student
San Diego

“Chris was genuinely interested in seeing me succeed. He is so knowledgeable and passionate about his field”

I looked for coaching as I was stressed and anxious at work, doubting my abilities and losing confidence. I wanted help with perspective and guidance on how to move my career forward and reach my potential.

Through coaching I learned exactly how I spend my time each day, how my perspective is biased toward the negative and that I needed to communicate better.

The coaching has given me perspective on my skills and my achievements. It has helped me see the necessity of communicating and advocating for myself at work. It has also taught me the value of thinking strategically about my career and to constantly revaluate how much my current workplace serves my career goals.

Chris was genuinely interested in seeing me succeed and was a compassionate ear as we worked through my challenges.  I had complete faith in his suggestions and approach as he is so knowledgeable and passionate about his field. He expects you to do the work and will hold you accountable, but he too will work hard to help you achieve your goals.  Work/ life stress can sometimes make you feel alone but you are not alone with Chris!

Ruth Jones


“I highly recommend Chris. His personable approach and expertise will help navigate you to success!”

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic I found my suddenly self jobless, feeling lost and unsure where to go next. Chris began coaching me through this particularly challenging time both personally and professionally. By breaking down the barriers of my industry he enabled me to see my varied and dynamic skill set which previously appeared to be very niche. Through analysing my personality traits and many discussions I came to realise I had so much more to offer and could apply my skill set to many other avenues. This outcome and actions that followed resulted in job offers within weeks of my last session.

I highly recommend Chris, whether you are looking to further your career or at a loss to where to go next his personable approach and expertise will help navigate you to success!

Lucio Longoni

Management Professional

“I was going nowhere with my career. Working with Chris has been an extremely positive, empowering and motivating experience”

I was in a position whereby I was going nowhere with my career, my workload meant I was working 60-80 hours per week and this was getting me down. I knew I required some advice on change and the possibility of changing employers, and I wanted to know (after so long), how best to go about it. I also wanted to speak with a professional who didn’t know me, someone who could review my work/life balance. I approached Chris to find out more and within ten minutes of speaking to him I knew that he was the coach for me! His words were very comforting and his genuine interest in me was like nothing I’ve experienced before.

Chris looked into my working patterns in detail, reviewed some of the strengths and weaknesses I had in the workplace and how to overcome the weaker areas as well as help strengthen my stronger attributes. I felt from the coaching that I was able to find out more about myself and all the skills I’ve got in the workplace along with remembering all the important things I have in life outside of work. All of the sessions were very positive, and I felt like I could talk to Chris about anything. He also sometimes sets homework (nothing too demanding), so even when you are not having the sessions there is something to focus on for the next session.

I would highly recommend Chris as a life coach for anyone in any circumstance. He made me feel very relaxed, positive about myself, he enabled me to open up and also have a normal conversation about things and is an all-round professional with all subject matters. As a keen long-distance runner, I am hoping to continue to use Chris’s expertise to provide support and coaching in my running, in areas like health, strength and mental wellbeing.

Having had the opportunity to work with Chris has been an extremely positive, empowering and motivating experience. Thanks Chris!

Simon Pearson

Property Manager

“Chris has a great way of helping you find out the answers yourself from within and challenging you to exciting new goals”

Chris shows great energy and his obvious enthusiasm makes you feel encouraged and excited. He’s compassionate, friendly, supportive and welcoming. Your needs are at the forefront of his mind.

Chris can make you feel at ease very quickly and he clearly knows his stuff. He has a great way of helping you find out the answers yourself from within and challenging you to exciting new goals.

I would really recommend him as a coach.

Gareth Brewerton


“I didn’t expect the total transformation that occurred in me after just six sessions”

I cannot rate Chris highly enough for the help that he has given me in many areas of my life. I went to see Chris for help with my anxiety problems.

I was expecting to gain some useful techniques to help me during stressful situations. What I didn’t expect was the total transformation that occurred in me after just six sessions.

Chris was able to identify my trigger points, and work on these using NLP. Chris made sure that I was comfortable at every stage, and even created a safe trigger point that I could use should I become overwhelmed. We worked through a variety of NLP exercises, each one being different, and dare I say fun at times too.

What amazed me the most was that after the sessions the positive results continued to develop in my mind. Chris was always available for me should I have questions, need support or even just to chat to about my progress and well being out of session time. I have tried many therapies and have seen numerous practitioners in the past, but I can honestly say that none have come close to the experience and results that I obtained with Chris.

His professionalism along with ability to made you feel at ease is very commendable. There is no doubt that he genuinely cares, which goes a long way to help when initially feeling vulnerable. We even got to move on to other issues like my fear of heights, as the progress around my anxiety was so quick.

I would happily recommend Chris to anyone.

Jonathan Bates

HR Professional

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