Life coaching is all about helping you move forward positively and pro-actively to achieve your personal potential. Essentially, becoming the best version of yourself. The person you always wanted to be, who feels happier, more centred and in control, and is able to do the things you want to across all areas of your life.

In the process of life coaching, you’ll develop greater self awareness, learning more yourself better and cultivating the mindset to achieve goals in any area of your life. Even if right now it feels like you don’t know what you want from your life, that’s ok. More people than you might think are in the same position. It’s part of the process and we’ll uncover it.

As your coach, I will help you become more focused and self-aware, with the right goals to achieve the life you want to create.



  • Life coaching enables you to identify what you want from life and helps you create the goals and actions to achieve it.
  • It covers all aspects of life, including your career, relationships, health and wellbeing, financial future and other life goals.
  • Future focussed: we are always working forwards. A opposed to focussing on the past, as you may have experienced with other approaches
  • Getting ‘unstuck’ – uncovering what’s been stopping you and moving past it.
  • Making changes to your life faster than doing it alone.
  • Accountability to keep you on track and maintain momentum.
  • Someone completely on your side and without bias, as can be the case with well meaning friends and family members.
  • A safe space to talk about whatever you want and explore it objectively.


Nowadays many people have life coaches. It’s not just the rich and famous. Life coaches work with people either on a continual basis or to support them through a particular life event or situation. Most successful people have support to help them deepen their self understanding and achieve their goals. It’s an investment in your future self that will be repaid over and over again through what you achieve.


My approach to life coaching is very practical, forward looking and action focused. We start by looking at where you are right now and what has led you to this point. Then, using a variety of tools and exercises, I will help you work out the areas of life that are most important to you and what needs to happen in order to feel happy and satisfied across your life.

From here, we move forward by addressing the areas where making some positive changes will have a big impact on your life, both now and in the future. You might already have an awareness of the changes you need to make. However, many of my clients don’t know this at the start. They just know something must change and so I help raise their awareness to become conscious of the areas to focus on.

Part of the work we do will be to explore your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. This is a vital part of investing in your future. I will help you explore new regular habits and practices to support you personal development, based on where you are now and what you want to achieve.

My overall approach offers something different to many other life coaches. I draw together a unique skillset incorporating multiple coaching models and frameworks, NLP, positive psychology and neuroscience. I can help with you beat limiting self beliefs, rewire unhealthy behaviour patterns and overcome other roadblocks that have impeded progress in both your personal and professional lives.

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“Chris is very personable and has a lovely easy style of working. Yet, he has a knack of intuitively reflecting and asking challenging questions that will drill down to the core of the matter at hand”

After years of living and working towards various plans (eg. 5-year plan etc) I reached a point in my life where I personally and professionally needed some input and direction, so I looked into receiving life coaching.

In the process of receiving coaching, I acknowledged and accepted a number of things about myself that I instinctively knew, but needed someone like Chris to bring them to my attention. I found Chris’s career coaching particularly useful as it identified my personality and working style. This helped me realise where my strengths lie and that I don’t need to struggle to conform to what others expect of me.

Coaching with Chris has enabled me to reflect and take stock of different areas of my life, in a way I wasn’t able to on my own. I now approach life in a more intentional and organised manner to make room for what it is I really want to do/achieve. Coaching has only been the start of the journey of developing the next phase of my life and career. I’m not sure what exciting chapters lie ahead yet, but I’m looking forward to finding out using and building on the tools that Chris has helped me to utilise while working with him.

I would absolutely recommend Chris as a life and career coach. He is very personable and approachable and has a lovely easy style of working. Yet, he has a knack of intuitively reflecting and asking challenging questions that will drill down to the core of the matter at hand, which is key to better understanding yourself.

Kent Brennan

Senior Estates Surveyor

“The coaching helped me reach for what I needed most at a time I felt overwhelmed by life in general”

During lockdown with COVID, I’d found myself losing confidence in myself and lost some drive in planning and enthusiasm for achieving my own goals. I reached out and looked for a life coach to help reset my mindset and give myself a boost. We spend money on a new diet or the gym, why not do it for your own mind?

Chris’ time helped me learn a lot about myself. Firstly how much COVID affected my confidence, self esteem and motivation. I realised how much of my inner child I was shielding away from the pressures of 2020. My inner child is an important part of my personality and I realised this wasn’t helping my own personal happiness. Finally, despite my drop in confidence, I was reminded of how focused I really am – when I put my mind to it.

Will power and being active in my own life were two elements I felt I learnt a lot about myself. Life and work during a lockdown resulted in me hiding away and so much of life’s small things impacted me, in their absence.
The coaching helped me reach for what I needed most at a time I felt overwhelmed by life in general.

My thanks to Chris and his time. It was appreciated and worthwhile!

Mark Robert Anderson

Marketing Automotion Manager
Mid Glamorgan

“If you feel at a crossroads, I absolutely urge you to give Chris’ coaching a go”

I cannot recommend Chris enough! Over the past 6 weeks I have been seeing Chris for life coaching, after a lot of challenges and change in my life. He was so insightful and dynamic in his approach, and tailored things specifically for me.

I cannot begin to describe what a humongous change this has created, both in the way I think and the actions I do. In our first session I had to score how content I was with different areas of life, some only scoring 2/10… But now after just 6 short weeks, we went through rescoring, but with now some achieving 9.5/10s!

Whether it’s life coaching or career coaching you’re after, if you feel at a crossroads, I absolutely urge you to give Chris’ coaching a go.

Edwin Buckley

Senior Producer

“Throughout my work with Chris, I had many “light bulb” moments of self discovery”

I decided to look for a life coach because I wanted to do some personal work on myself before I began medical school.

Finding an LGBT friendly life coach was very important to me. In the beginning, Chris and I outlined areas where I would like to focus on the most, including self acceptance, positive habit formation, and setting boundaries.

Throughout my work with Chris, I had many “light bulb” moments of self discovery that led to a better sense of self. What’s even greater is how my positive self identity altered the actions I took and my interactions with others. I wholeheartedly recommend Chris Cooper as a life coach. Regardless of what stage of life you are on and what goals you have, Chris will create a personalized plan with action steps to help you grow into a better you.

Waleed Rachid

Medical Student
San Diego

“I’d recommend Chris to anyone feeling stuck in a rut and wanting to invest in a more fulfilling future for themselves”

Having been stuck with that “there must be more to life” feeling, so prevalent in the corporate world I decided I needed to make a change.

After investigating my options I settled on the idea of a career/life coach and chose Chris to be my guide. I’m so glad I did! Chris has helped me to understand my core values and motivations and together, we’ve been able to build an exciting, workable career strategy and a practical plan to make it happen.

I’d recommend Chris to anyone feeling stuck in a rut and wanting to invest in a more fulfilling future for themselves.

Ricardo Tedeschi

Controls and Automotion Specialist

“I highly recommend Chris. His personable approach and expertise will help navigate you to success!”

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic I found my suddenly self jobless, feeling lost and unsure where to go next. Chris began coaching me through this particularly challenging time both personally and professionally. By breaking down the barriers of my industry he enabled me to see my varied and dynamic skill set which previously appeared to be very niche. Through analysing my personality traits and many discussions I came to realise I had so much more to offer and could apply my skill set to many other avenues. This outcome and actions that followed resulted in job offers within weeks of my last session.

I highly recommend Chris, whether you are looking to further your career or at a loss to where to go next his personable approach and expertise will help navigate you to success!

Lucio Longoni

Management Professional

“Chris was genuinely interested in seeing me succeed. He is so knowledgeable and passionate about his field”

I looked for coaching as I was stressed and anxious at work, doubting my abilities and losing confidence. I wanted help with perspective and guidance on how to move my career forward and reach my potential.

Through coaching I learned exactly how I spend my time each day, how my perspective is biased toward the negative and that I needed to communicate better.

The coaching has given me perspective on my skills and my achievements. It has helped me see the necessity of communicating and advocating for myself at work. It has also taught me the value of thinking strategically about my career and to constantly revaluate how much my current workplace serves my career goals.

Chris was genuinely interested in seeing me succeed and was a compassionate ear as we worked through my challenges.  I had complete faith in his suggestions and approach as he is so knowledgeable and passionate about his field. He expects you to do the work and will hold you accountable, but he too will work hard to help you achieve your goals.  Work/ life stress can sometimes make you feel alone but you are not alone with Chris!

Ruth Jones


“I heartily recommend Chris to anyone searching for support in finding their next step forward”

I had experienced life coaching before but found Chris’s approach to be the most effective. He tailors his tools and methods to the individual rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. His guidance and encouragement helped me create an action plan, which was both straightforward and not scary to implement, and had a hugely positive impact on shaping my professional way forward. I heartily recommend Chris to anyone searching for support in finding their next step forward, whether big or small. Chris can help you get there!

Caroline Thompson

Knowledge Management Professional

“I was searching for something but didn’t know quite what. The findings were remarkable”

I was searching for something but didn’t know quite what, I was wanting something but wasn’t quite sure what this could be.

I came across Chris’s professional website and found the navigation across it effortless with some interesting and succinct nuggets of information that were appealing and insightful.

I arranged 6 sessions with Chris, we explored both personal and professional domains of the self. The findings were remarkable all teased out and expertly executed by Chris.

Like driving I’d picked up a number of bad habits over the years, fortunately Chris was able to apply a degree of NLP giving me the opportunity to both look at (and change) my thought processing and behavior, allowing me to be more positive in my decision making, and acted out self-behavior.

I feel I have a few extra strings to my bow for coping with work and life challenges, which have brought about a degree of positivity – remarkable! I cannot recommend Chris anymore highly.

Simon Cadogan

IT Consultant

“Chris’s calm and measured coaching style worked helped me define clear milestones, activities and actions”

I can honestly say that without Chris’s coaching I would still be nearly at the end of my Coaching Diploma. Having struggled with the work for three year, with his support I was able to push through to completion in three months, resulting in finally sending the paperwork off on the morning of my birthday allowing for a double celebration.

Chris’s calm and measured coaching style worked well for me and helped me define clear milestones, activities and actions combined with enabling me see the benefits of completing the work and to envision how it would feel to bring the project to a close.

I began to see that by setting clear time-bound actions I was able to complete work without feeling under pressure and with Chris walking by my side I actually felt good about the work.

Once again thank you Chris for all your support.

Alex Dungate

Coach and Recruitment Professional
Royal Tunbridge Wells


  • Identifying your life purpose – what you really want to do with your life and career and how to make it happen.
  • Working out what to do next in your career and putting in place a strategy to achieve it. This may include setting up and growing your own business step-by-step.
  • Work-life balance: restoring balance to your life, so it’s not dominated by work.
  • Moving forward positively after (or preparing for) a major life event, such as a milestone birthday, redundancy, returning to work after a child.
  • Overcoming lack of confidence, low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, social anxiety and other issues holding you back from the things you want to do.
  • Beating imposter syndrome, procrastination, lack of motivation, burn out and other work-related stress.
  • Rewiring repetitive behaviour patterns that negatively impact on your health and stop you moving forwards. 
  • Improving your wellbeing, such as becoming more active, eating better and incorporating healthy daily practices to enhance your physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Resolving relationship problems and building closer bonds with friends and family.
  • Becoming more resourceful and resilient with dating and finding a new relationship.


I provide coaching sessions online by telephone or video call from my base in Manchester.  Working online means that I work with clients all around the world. So, whether you live in the UK or the USA, Asia or Australia, London or Los Angeles, I can help.

Online coaching enables you to work with the right coach for you, regardless of where you live. This means you can be coached when and wherever you feel most comfortable. For example, at home, your office or while you’re away. Whatever is best for you.

Following an initial consultation, I will design a coaching package based on the outcomes you want to achieve, starting from six sessions. In addition, more immersive packages providing greater access and levels of support are also available. I will help you decide what’s right for you.


The best way to get started is to book a free 30 minute coaching discovery telephone call. You can do this instantly, accessing my calendar for a convenient appointment, with no need to call or email in advance.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to change your career and your life now.