Working with a career coach is the best way to help you move forwards with your career. If it feels like you’re in a place of career stagnation, you are far from alone. Too many people find themselves feeling caught in an unrewarding career, which negatively impacts on their happiness and wellbeing. This is not sustainable. What might have seemed the right career choice at the time, may no longer be the case, for a multitude of reasons. 

Perhaps you are experiencing burnout of imposter syndrome. Or maybe it seems like you are stuck on the same rung of the career ladder, with no clear path to progression. Maybe you’re fed up of working for someone else and yearn to set up your own business – but you don’t yet feel confident enough to take this step. It’s time to be pro-active and do something about.

Career coaching enables you to take greater control of your career, whatever life stage you are at. It provides a safe, structured learning environment to explore what you want from your career and create a strategy and actions for achieving it.  You can then systematically make changes to your career so work feels more purposeful and in alignment with what you want from life.



  • You’re not happy in your job, feeling stuck and you don’t know what to do next.
  • You’d like a career change and to find a new challenge– but you don’t know what you want to do or how to do it.
  • Poor work-life balance – your career is negatively impacting on your personal and/or family life.
  • Your career has plateaued and you feel stuck in a rut.
  • You’ve started a new role and are experiencing imposter syndrome – which is affecting your confidence and your performance.
  • Lack of confidence in your own abilities is holding you back from what you want to do. For example, delivering presentations, managing conflict and leading teams. 
  • You want to set up your own business, but don’t know where to start.
  • Feeling anxious or stressed, experiencing procrastination and loss of motivation for work.
  • Redundancy: help to create a new strategy to find the right next job.
  • Getting the basics right: your CV, LinkedIn profile and preparing for job interviews. 


If so, I can help. Over the many years I have been a career coach, I’ve worked with people to help them beat each and every one of these things. I also experienced many of these things myself before discovering coaching was the right path for me. The reason why I specialise in career coaching is because I’m passionate about helping people find greater happiness and fulfilment with a career they love. There is a right career out there for everyone – you might just need some expert, impartial help to find it.


  • Identifying your life purpose – what you really want to do with your life and career and how to make it happen.
  • Exploring your values and wider life goals to find the right career that aligns with the life you want.
  • Working out what you want to do next in your career and putting in place a career transition strategy
  • Creating ideas for a new business and putting in place a comprehensive strategy to build it from the ground up.
  • Beating imposter syndrome, procrastination, lack of motivation, burn out and other work-related stress.
  • Managing conflict and your emotions to be more effective and resilient at work.
  • Rewiring unhealthy behaviour patterns that negatively impact on your wellbeing.
  • Improving confidence and emotional intelligence to enhance career development e.g. interview coaching, presentation skills, time management, leadership.
  • Moving forward positively from redundancy, building your confidence back up and with a strategy for your next role. 


Since I first began working as a career coach back in 2016, I have developed a structured and highly effective career development programme that has helped hundreds of clients move from a place of dissatisfaction with their career to knowing the right fit for their next career move. And then afterwards implementing this change to create a rewarding, fulfilling career in alignment with their life.
If you are looking for someone with a very practical and insightful approach to work alongside you to figure out what the right next step is for you, I’m the right career coach for you. My signature career coaching package comprises coaching time in conjunction with exercises I will ask you to complete in between our conversations to raise your levels of self awareness, learning more about yourself, and moving to a place of knowing the right career for you. Even if you are feeling completely lost and as though you have no idea what to do next, I can help.
Among the areas we will explore are:
  • Understanding deeply the factors driving your desire to make a career change
  • Creating a vision for your life: and how your career fits within that
  • Value elicitation: getting clear on who you are and what is most important to you, and how to use this insight to inform your career development
  • Personality profiling, skills assessment, understanding your strengths
  • Visualising your ideal career and bringing this to reality
  • Shortlisting potential career paths with a framework for further research
  • Making a decision on your next career move, with action steps to implement this
Often this leads to a career change to a different job, sometimes to setting up your own business. At other times the right way forward is developing skills and resources to perform better and feel happier with what you are doing now. One thing that’s common for everyone – it’s an exciting journey of self discovery, which leads to greater happiness and wellbeing that spreads beyond their careers.
On top of my career change programme, I offer a full portfolio of career development services that can incorporate elements such as strategies to beating limiting self beliefs (imposter syndrome), rewiring unhelpful behaviour patterns and overcoming other roadblocks that have impeded progress in both your personal and professional lives. I also place great emphasis on well-being, with the ultimate goal being greater fulfilment through a more rewarding career –  and a life filled with greater joy and purpose.
My approach offers something different to most career coaches. I draw together a unique skillset incorporating multiple coaching frameworks, NLP, positive psychology, neuroscience and mental health training. 
At the centre of everything though is you. I’ll be on your side working to help you achieve the best career outcomes for you.


I work with professionals to help them achieve greater fulfilment from their careers and feel happier across their lives as a whole.

My approach it to help people better understand themselves, what they want from their career, and how this relates to the other parts of their life. Then, equipped with greater self awareness, I help them to move forwards positively in sculpting their careers to achieve the life they want.

I went through multiple major career changes on my way to becoming a coach and setting up my own business. My own personal career journey and what I learnt along the way inspired me to become a coach. I realised purpose came from helping others achieve their potential, a big part of this being career. I believe there is a great career fit for everyone, no matter what stage of life, people sometimes just need expert help to find it. 

During my career I’ve worked in skilled professional roles in the corporate world and as a director for small businesses. As well as working for myself, building a successful business since 2016. This means I understand what it’s like working in a variety of business environments. I’ve worked in locations across the UK and my career has taken me around the world.

Eventually I worked out the life I wanted to create and developed my career around this. I’m happy and I have a fantastic work-life balance where all areas are co-exist in harmony. Whatever your own career goals are, I can help you achieve the same.


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“Coaching with Chris has given me the confidence that I can turn my career into something I can be proud of and will enjoy”

I was looking for a career coach as I was not happy in my current role in the middle of my working life so had taken a sabbatical from work and thought it was a perfect opportunity to explore what paths were open to me with the help of a coach.

The structure of my sessions with Chris and the homework I did between sessions allowed me to really explore and understand a lot about my underlying values and interests, what makes me happy in the workplace and how these could combine with my current skills and experience and any additional training in any future role.

The coaching with Chris has given me the confidence that I can turn my career into something I can be proud of and will enjoy. I now have a good idea of where I am headed and a plan of how to get there.

Chris’s approach was structured such that it allowed me time and space for a lot of self-reflection. His guidance through the process was fantastic and really helped me dig down and understand myself so much better than I ever would have been able to do on my own. Chris was incredibly flexible with the timing and frequency of our sessions but also set goals and deadlines in order to keep me on track. Chris has an extremely patient and friendly approach and I thoroughly enjoyed all of our sessions, which really helped me get the most out of coaching.

Ian Strickland

Senior Commercial Analyst

“Chris has changed me as a person and allowed me to come out of my shell. What an experience!”

What an experience and beautiful journey together!

Chris has changed me as a person and allowed me to come out of my shell. I have now been a able to train my mid to think positively and more reflectively to any action I take.

This had allowed me to to build a better and stronger me, and impact my team and anyone working with me.

I love how Chris actively engages with any topic you feel like exploring in each session to help achieve the goal collectively.

I would definitely use Chris again in future and highly recommend him to any one looking for coaching sessions to empower themselves and bring the best out of themselves.

Thank you Chris for making such a wonderful change in my life and career.

Zakir Vohra

Head of Patient Services

“Thought-provoking and challenging, yet also hugely enjoyable, I found his calm and reassuring approach supportive and productive”

Having taken a career-break as a stay-at-home dad to my twin daughters, I decided to look for a career coach to help me assess my options when planning to return to the workforce. Having never had any coaching or mentoring before, I didn’t really know what to expect, but working with Chris proved to be a real pleasure and a great help. In an introductory session, he explained clearly how he felt he could help me and outlined a structured plan that we would follow if I chose to move forward with the coaching. He put me at ease straightaway, listened intently and sympathetically, and was hugely positive and proactive in approaching our work together.

The coaching I received over six sessions helped me better understand who I am, what I stand for, what range of skills and attributes I have and, most importantly for me, what I want (and don’t want) from my professional career. Having completed the coaching, I had much greater clarity about my future plans and I can now progress them with far greater confidence and knowledge than I had before.

The sessions with Chris were thought-provoking and challenging, yet also hugely enjoyable, and I found his calm and reassuring approach both supportive and productive. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to anyone who needed support, help or advice with how to manage or change their career, and I am very glad that I made the decision to work with him.

Joe Kendal


“Chris cuts through the noise, is incredibly supportive and will get you to that point of knowing what you want”

I had just sold my business and with lots of options to approach, I felt lost in what direction I should be headed with my career. That is when I reached out to Chris, who from the outset provided a clear methodology to approach my dilemma.

Throughout our sessions we got to the core of what motivates me, how I work in a work environment and fundamentally what my underlying desires really are. This has given me a deep understanding of how I operate, as well as discover what my next and future steps in my career are.

Chris cuts through the noise, is incredibly supportive and will get you to that point of knowing what you want. I couldn’t recommend Chris enough!

Max Dowling

Operations Project Manager

“Chris’ programme is concise, straightforward and action-oriented. He approaches his work in an attentive and supportive way.”

The reason I was interested in working with a coach was to help me discover my passions, identify a more purposeful career for myself and overcome the barriers that were holding me back.

Since working with Chris, I’ve built a stronger understanding of who I am and what drives me, I’ve grown in confidence to take on challenges and lean into areas of discomfort, and I’ve realised that my personal growth and development is within my control.

I’ve now enrolled on a new diploma (in coaching, funnily enough!) and am on track to launch my dream career.

Chris’ programme is concise, straightforward and action-oriented, which has helped me to take ownership for my choices and build a stronger relationship with myself. He approaches his work in an attentive and supportive way. Without his guidance I would not have been able to make this change in my life as quickly and effectively as I have.

Greg Barr-Smith

Coach, Writer and Facilitator

“Chris is an excellent listener, compassionate and willing to challenge your beliefs. His approach is both practical and empowering”

Through our sessions, I have learned a great deal about myself and my strengths, as well as areas for growth and improvement. Chris has helped me to dig deeper as to the reasons behind some of my weaknesses as a leader and gave me a new perspective on how best to tackle them.

One of the most significant impacts of coaching with Chris has been the increased clarity of how I can develop myself within my work environment. With Chris’s guidance, I have been able to create actionable plans and take steps towards achieving my goals. This was particularly helpful, as actionable planning formed the basis for an assignment I was undertaking as part of my Masters in Sports Directorship.

Overall, I would highly recommend Chris as a coach to anyone looking to make positive changes in their career. Chris is an excellent listener, compassionate and willing to challenge your beliefs. His collaborative approach is both practical and empowering, and I have benefited greatly from our coaching sessions together.

Josh Kennard

Head of Recruitment

“I feel a lot more confident in myself and my abilities. My approach to career progression has changed”

I found the sessions I had with Chris extremely useful at a time in my life where there was a lot of uncertainty and upheaval. After being made redundant and wanting to make significant changes to the direction of my career, Chris really helped me to identify and focus on individual tasks that would ultimately help to land me a job in the field I wanted and also to make changes I felt I needed in my personal life.

Over the sessions, we worked on identifying my long term goals and then individual goals along the way that would lead me to a place of personal stability.

As a result of the sessions with Chris, I feel a lot more confident in myself and my abilities. My approach to career progression has changed where I now identify the goal first and then think about what steps I need to make to get there. I’ve already made steps up the “ladder” in my new role because of this.

Chris was an absolute pleasure to work with and has definitely made me see the value in coaching sessions. I will be looking into more sessions in the future.

Phil Adams

Systems Support Manager

“I highly recommend Chris. His personable approach and expertise will help navigate you to success!”

At the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic I found my suddenly self jobless, feeling lost and unsure where to go next. Chris began coaching me through this particularly challenging time both personally and professionally. By breaking down the barriers of my industry he enabled me to see my varied and dynamic skill set which previously appeared to be very niche. Through analysing my personality traits and many discussions I came to realise I had so much more to offer and could apply my skill set to many other avenues. This outcome and actions that followed resulted in job offers within weeks of my last session.

I highly recommend Chris, whether you are looking to further your career or at a loss to where to go next his personable approach and expertise will help navigate you to success!

Lucio Longoni

Management Professional


On reading through this page you may not have found exactly what you are looking for. 

This may be because what you need (or you need for a member of your team) is leadership coaching, also known as executive coaching. I specialise in conscious leadership and use coaching to help leaders and managers at all levels to step up and achieve the best they can for themselves and the organisation they lead or work for. I offer a range of coaching packages to fit what you are looking for. This is also suitable for small business owners doing work where they want to make a positive impact on the world. 

On top of this, I also offer training programmes and assessments and make an inspirational speaker for events.

To learn more, please visit my leadership coaching website.


I provide coaching online by telephone or video call from my base in Manchester in the North West of England.  Working online means that I work with clients all across the English speaking world. Continental Europe too, providing you speak English! So, whether you live in the UK or the USA, Austria or Australia, London or Los Angeles, I can help.

Online coaching offers the advantage of being able to choose the right coach for you, regardless of where you live. The timing of sessions can be more flexible and you can be coached wherever you feel most comfortable. For example, at home, your office or while you’re away. Whatever is best for you.


The best way to get started is to book a free, no obligations 30 minute discovery call. You can do this instantly, accessing my calendar to find a convenient appointment, with no need to call or email in advance.

We’ll explore what’s going on for you right now, what you would like to achieve through coaching, and work out whether we are a good fit to work together. If so, I will explain clearly how I can help and then you can decide if it’s something you’d like to do. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time to take action and re-take control of your career now.