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Chris Cooper Flies Flag for UK at International Gay Coaches Conference

Chris Cooper will be in New York this week for the 8th International Gay Coaches Conference, the biggest gathering of gay life coach and the other coaches in the world.

Chris Cooper, who is based in Manchester, will be the only British coach present after receiving a special invite to attend and speak at this prestigious event.

Organised by the Gay Coaches Alliance, the aim of this annual event is to develop the skills of gay coaches worldwide. In the process, raising the profile of life coaching and other types of coaching in the LGBT+ community.

Chris, who works as a life and career coach, said. “It was a huge honour to be invited to deliver a workshop at the International Gay Coaches Conference. It’s the biggest annual event for gay coaches and to be there as the only British coach is really special.”

Diversity in Coaching

The theme of this year’s conference is Everyone’s a Coach. This is to recognise especially the diverse role of coaches in helping people to achieve their goals. Coaches come in lots of different forms and accordingly use many methods in their work with clients.

Chris Cooper has been working as a coach for four years. He set up his own business, Life Complete Coaching, after making a career change from working as a senior manager. He specialises in working with people to understand their life goals, feel more confident and reach their career potential.

“In New York, I will be delivering a workshop on public speaking. From personal experience, this is a really effective way to improve your confidence. It’s also essential when developing your business to be able to talk with presence and passion about what you do. 

“I’m looking forward to using my expertise in this area to help other coaches develop their career and business skills.”

Why coaching is especially important for LGBT+ People

Earlier this year, Business in the Community, reported on issues affecting the LGBT+ community in relation to work and mental health.

According its Working with Pride report, 81% of LGBT+ employees experience mental health issues. Nearly three quarters (74%) experience mental health issues relating to work.

“I love working with people regardless of their background to achieve their goals. The most important thing to me is treating people as unique individuals. However, as a member of this community, I’m also really passionate about working with other LGBT+ people.

“It is often the case that LGBT+ people face additional barriers, especially in relation to their career. Working with a coach helps people to see the way forward and means they have someone in their corner as they work to achieve their goals.”

The International Gay Coaches Conference runs in Greenwich, New York from 2nd to 5th May 2019.

Chris Cooper is a mindset and career coach based in Manchester, UK. He also coaches clients worldwide by phone or video call to help them achieve their career potential.

Do you want to make changes to your life or career? Speak to Chris more about how career coaching can help you.

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