Image of Chris Cooper Life Coach, Life Complete Coaching

My name is Chris Cooper. I am a Life Coach and Career Coach based in Manchester. I provide online coaching to people across the UK and around world. I also deliver face to face coaching consultations for business clients in Greater Manchester and London.

My Mission

My mission is to help people live happier lives, packed full of joy and purpose, both at home and at work. I believe the key to living a flourishing, fulfilling life is self-improvement, finding the courage to push yourself to achieve new challenges. One inescapable fact about life is that things will change. Coaching helps you embrace rather than fear change, taking a pro-active and visionary approach to accomplishing things you never thought possible.

My Goals

The work I do helps people work out what they want from their life, career or business. Through coaching, I support them to achieve the positive outcomes they are looking for. In the process, developing the resources they need to be successful, such as confidence, emotional intelligence and a greater understanding of their values and purpose.

My Role

In my role as a life coach and career coach, I have helped professionals at all life stages in fields such as law, HR, finance, healthcare and the creative industries, in addition to small business owners, sports people and post grad students. Working together, I have helped my clients achieve a wide range of life, business and career goals.

As your coach, I will help you become more focused and self-aware and set the right goals to get you to where you want to be. Ultimately, it’s about becoming the best version of yourself, reaching your potential and becoming the person you want to be – with a career you love and feel passionate about.